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When darkness sets in

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When darkness sets in: Titanoboa series”. In Greenshire lived a boy who was scared of darkness and had a hard time sleeping. Each time he closed his eyes and found himself in darkness he lived hell. Monsters haunted him. With his daily battles hardly he could sleep, he was always scared and watchful. His life changes when the king falls ill and the village is forced to summon Titanoboa, the scariest and biggest snake in the world to heal the king. Men were gathered, the wisest, the bravest and the strongest to go after Titanoboa. They failed. The brittle boy, managed to conquer his fears and summon Titanoboa given to his daily battles with his fancy deadly foes.


When King Sebastian falls ill and no man could cure him his people fall into desperation and use all necessary means. In his last day he learns about a cave in Snakewater Maountains that abodes a monstrous Titanoboa that could heal any decease. Men were gathered to go to Snakewater Mountains to invoke the monster, the wisest, the fearless, the strongest, the most valiant and a boy who was just a scared boy.

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