The Scribbler

introducing the writing tool you didn't know you needed, until now

What is the Scribbler

The Scribbler is a powerful writing tool that allows you to publish short stories and chapters directly to the Nettpress Nibbler allowing people to read your work instantly across the entire world. Got a story idea? Open your Scribbler on your phone and write it down, save as a draft and get back to it later on any device. It's that easy. The possibilities are endless! It doubles as a personal blog and is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet.

What does the Scribbler do for you?

The Scribbler helps you to build your audience. When people read your stories or scribbles, you can use "in scribble links" to instantly send readers to your personal bookstore or your current new book released on Nettpress. Combine your SCRIBBLER with the NIBBLER to create one of the most powerful content marketing combinations on the planet, increasing book sales and fast tracking your path to becoming a best-seller!

Using the Scribbler

Not only for writing short stories or chapters, the Scribbler can be used for multiple purposes.
- new book release articles
- author updates
- media releases
- advertorials
- book updates to your fans
And much more…

Scribbler Fandom

The Scribbler is packed with other functions too.
- Reader interaction
- Likes
- Comments
- Direct Message your fans
- Allow fans to DM you
- You control all the settings
- Track and monitor adverts in real time allowing you to instantly adjust your adverts for maximum effectiveness
Write, publish, promote and sell all in one place.

The dream of being published is now a reality

Don't let the other publishers stop you from publishing your books!

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