It was cold-the air dry- bright lights shining in my face, all kinds of noises and firm hands grasping  and pulling at my body.  Voices were  muffled grunts and drawn out expressions, some high pitched and some low.  I was in one persons hands then another, and another, then I was moving slowly to a scent I recognized. I couldn’t control the anticipation building up within me, I wiggled and stretched my body out toward the scent I knew to be the one whom I had been with the whole time, the one I had began with.

yes I was right, my body went limp as I lay in this persons arms, I was home everything I needed I had right here with this person. I was offered a drink my hands firmly grasped the soft  part of the persons body, with the warm liquid coming out. My body was cold, and just as if the person could read my mind, I was covered with a warm cloth, and once again everything was right with this new bright world.

I blinked and blinked as the bright lights changed and moved and danced around the room. I was placed in a smaller clear box and I could see only where my head could turn. This was much different than the compact-tight-warm-dimly lit home I once knew. I was wrapped up tightly in a warm cloth and this made me feel safe, but because of this I could only use my head to turn left or right. when I would move in the slightest manner I noticed the person  I never wanted to be away from- would look at me and make the most beautiful noises.

The air was still cold, I could sense it when I would breath in deeply, the room smelled like nothing, the only scent I knew was the one I had been with always and I never wanted to be away from. suddenly more people came and I was lifted up and poked on my foot- then my arm-then my finger. This hurts why is this happening?  where is the person? where is the person? I wanted the person so very badly. I became so angry, I gasped and screamed and cried and I could barely breathe this frighted me even more. Soon I was reunited with the person again, I was  calmed with just a warm touch and soothing voice.

The light outside went down and then it came back up, I was always close to the person and I liked it that way. This happened once again-it was bright-then it was dark. when the light rose again the next time, I was packed tightly in a small seat with straps and hoisted up and I swayed this way and that way for a few moments. Then I was in a whole different world once again. There are so many worlds outside of that one I was just in, which had been even larger than when I was with the person I never wanted to be apart from.

I could smell different things, none of them were the persons., this made me upset, I was afraid, where had the person gone? Wait no the persons here, I think I can sense the person, there’s so much noise, my body its starting to ache. What is happening? Oh I feel sick, my insides are hurting now, they are hurting. Suddenly I was in a small box again it was dark on the inside. I was not moving anymore that I could tell. The person sat next to me, and began making those wonderful sounds again. This made me feel much better. Now I can rest..

I woke into yet another world, this one had new smells, but it was filled with the persons scent, I like this very much. I was in a large box like the one I had been in earlier, only this one had dangling objects spinning above my head. I was wrapped tightly in a cloth again, this was okay for now but I feel a need, I need that person. I need to be near that person, where is the person? Why has the person gone? I m afraid, I  don’t sense her here with me, this is wrong. I could not contain the sounds coming from me, I was waling and shivering. All of these new things and my body it felt much different than before. 

The person came and she lifted me up and placed me close to her body and I felt such a warm feeling come over me. Shes here, shes here this is how it should always be. Can she always be here with me? This person, she should not  keep leaving me here. I reached out and touched her face, to find it was warm and soft and very large compared to my hands. This was her face, it was the best face no other face mattered in the world, no other person. Suddenly I heard a loud sound. I was startled and I began to wale and scream.

I felt a hard thud on my back and I was partially wrapped , laying on the floor and looking up at the box where I had been earlier. The person picked me up and made those sounds that made me calm, but I could barley hear them over the loud sounds that kept repeating and my screams. I lifted my hand towards the sounds and they stopped, and it was all silent again. The person looked at me intently, and as the person stared deep into my eyes it was as if i could sense a form of communication  but it was inside of me, the person was speaking to me inside of me. I could understand what was being communicated. It was the persons voice.

” Are you okay Little one?” the voice asked

I hesitated before I attempted at a response.

“” I managed to think as I stared deep into the persons eyes., tears were rolling down her face and this coupled with the feelings she had began to feel overwhelmed me and I began to cry too.

I learned that the person was called my mother and that mother was a female. She was a scientist, and i was her offspring. I can remember everything about being inside the “Womb” Mother called it.  which to her was amazing. She took me to another female person and she stared deep into my eyes as if she were searching for something. I could not sense any connection with her. I did sense a bad feeling and I wanted to immediately be placed back with mother, I did not like this feeling at all.

“Wait, why wont you speak to her. My precious little one, can you speak to her for me?” she asked staring deep into my eyes.

I could not speak with that woman I did not sense a single emotion in her body that was beneficial to me or mother, in fact we should leave right now, I don’t like this. I began to cry again and squirm in mothers arms. She excused herself and we left that world, that seemed oddly familiar, back to the place with mothers sent all around the place we called home. I was beginning to sit up now I saw new things all the time. My neck was a difficult thing to master, but I was getting stronger each day. The legs, they would be a problem, they never do what i want, and these hands well they cant stop wiggling and flapping around, i can barley keep them under control long enough to grab a dangling toy.

We stopped going to see that woman after another 3 tries but I would not speak with her she had nothing good in her, in fact she seemed not.. alive. If I am aware that I am alive and mother is alive than why can ti sense that the other woman is alive too? She made me feel uneasy. I did not like her or that place, the place where my body was squeezed and pulled from my mothers womb, the cold place with bright lights and other people who wanted to poke me. That place was no good for me or for mother, we don’t go anymore.

Mother says people will come for me, for us, so we must go, I don’t want to go i like home it smells like mother everywhere. Other places don’t make me feel happy and smell like mother. There was a knock at the door and i got a sick feeling. mother rushed over to me and picked me, I was practicing my sitting and I was getting the hang of it I thought. She grabbed a bag out of a small room by the back door and another out of her room. Then we left out of the back door, and into a different car i had never been in. 

We drove, and drove, and drove. until mother pulled over and looked deep into my eyes and thought “You are my son, you are so special you are 5 months old, just a baby, and you can do some amazing things. People are after us and we can’t stop them right now. I am special too my son, they have known this for some time, but you have given me the strength to run. So we will hide and never look back, we will go and protect each other.”

That was 22 years ago, my mother is Idah and I am Kitz, we are still running but soon we will stand and fight, there are others like us. They will join us and we will make a home for ourselves. Because of the power of my mind i remember every moment that has ever happened to me from birth up to this very day. Now i lead a people that Mother and I  educate and protect, but the people hunting us hold a serum that i need, because the price of never forgetting is always holding on , my body cant handle the complete memory in my mind, without some sort of side affect.

I need that serum or soon the power I hold will kill me.

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