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Our mission is to publish writers everywhere for free so their stories can escape the dark realm of dusty hard drives and reach a world of readers. We believe that neither money or executive opinion should block creativity and imagination EVER.

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Nettpress is the fastest growing online publishing and reading community in the world and It’s free for everyone! It’s specifically designed for writers, bloggers and authors of all levels. You can easily publish and market your work all in one place for FREE.

Modernisation of the publishing industry has been long over due. With Nettpress, publishing just got smarter, easier and fairer than ever before!  The painful submission process is now a thing of the past because with Nettpress there are no rejection letters or paying thousands of dollars to publish a single book.

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There are no catches, a tiny 5% commission on sales, you get instant access to everything on joining, no DIY site building, no rejection letters, no out of pocket expense, you keep all your copyrights making you a free agent, you get paid for sales in days, it’s easy to learn and do AND it’s free!

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What’s the difference between a writer and an Author? An author is a published writer. With Nettpress you are guaranteed to be published so when you join Nettpress and publish your book for sale or one of your short stories in the Nibbler….


You magically become an author with global reach! We understand that you want to get back to writing so we’ve done everything we can to make the harder stuff easier so you can get back to what you love.


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The Nettpress Nibbler is a global reading space filled with short stories and chapters from our authors and it's totally free for everyone. It's designed to connect readers and authors around the world helping to kill computer boredom one nibble at a time...

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All my brain and body need.  Bonus points if you’re humming the original tune.  I’m Rachel and you’re welcome for the earworm. Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. So have words. I started reading when I was 18 months old. Yeah, that’s weird. It was a cool…

Love in a dark world

Her lips were moist and inviting in some strange way as they brushed his face. He stroked her soft blond hair and a tear came to his eye as he knew that nothing was ever going to be the same again… it was going to be better. He was in love. Life had been hard…

Episode 10 – Relief

Chip had been carried off by Zabar’s henchmen even though Kay believed she had tricked him into calling off the attack. Zabar had been unmasked and his bank accounts found. Kay had only threatened to cause real damage. She and Norbert were afraid they had seen the last of Chip Mantooth and decided to execute…

A Date With Mr Danger

Jane, twelve, Matthew, ten and little Jillian who was seven couldn’t believe their luck at winning the competition to go and see the Councillor at his office, all because they had filled in a form at the ‘believe it or not’ fun park on the Gold Coast. Jane being the oldest had been put in…

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